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Mesh Pet Safety Fence Installations in Wilmington, NC, and New Hanover County – Protect Your Furry Friends

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Importance of Installing A Pet Fence

Are you aware of the potential dangers your furry friends face? In Wilmington, NC, and throughout New Hanover County, your pets may be at risk, especially if they roam freely without protection around your pool area. Larger or more adventurous dogs are particularly vulnerable. Understanding the importance of installing a pet fence can be a lifesaver.


Life Saver Pet Fence Features

Our mesh pet fence is considered a reliable solution designed to keep your pets safe. What sets this fence apart are its life-saving features, ensuring unparalleled protection for your furry friends. The fence is constructed with durable mesh material, providing a transparent barrier that maintains visibility while preventing potential hazards. Its self-closing, self-latching gate mechanism adds an extra layer of security, minimizing the risk of accidental openings.


The UV-resistant components ensure longevity, with the fence standing strong against harsh weather conditions. Additionally, the fence is versatile, allowing for easy removal and reinstallation, making it ideal for temporary use, storage, or permanent placement. The design also enables you to convert the fence into a secure dog run, providing a designated play area for your pets. With these exceptional features, it not only safeguards your pets but also offers convenience and peace of mind for pet owners in North Carolina.

Different Areas Where You Can Install Mesh Fence for Safety


Enhance the safety of your patio area with a mesh pet fence. This not only protects your pets but also adds an extra layer of security to your outdoor space.


Your garage might seem secure, but curious pets can find their way into unexpected places. Learn how a mesh pet fence can prevent unwanted garage adventures.


Back Yard

Transform your yard into a haven for your pets with a mesh fence. Allow them to roam freely within defined boundaries while ensuring their safety.


From creating play areas to temporary enclosures, the possibilities are endless when it comes to our pet fence uses.

Why Pets are Vulnerable

Pets, like humans, can find themselves in situations where they are vulnerable to accidents. Whether it's around pools, in open yards, or during unexpected events, understanding these scenarios is crucial to implementing preventative measures.

Removable Pet Fences

Protecting your pets goes beyond the conventional boundaries. You can ensure their safety in your backyard, providing you with peace of mind while allowing your pets the freedom they deserve.

Our pet pool fence has a specialized removable mesh safety barrier designed specifically to stop pets from entering the pool area accidentally. The mesh pet fence is secure, resistant to climbing, and designed for easy installation by pool owners with DIY expertise.


We offer the Solid Core fence that comes in a variety of colors such as: Black, Brown, Green, White, Tan, and Copper Vein. Our 4-stitch option comes in Black, Brown, Green, White, and Tan. Additionally, it comes with a Nickel-Plated Brass Snap Safety Latch with a Stainless-Steel Spring. Plus, we offer an array of sizes ranging from 24” to 42”.

One of the remarkable features of our pet fence is its removability. Whether you need temporary protection for an event, want to store the fence during certain seasons, or plan to leave it in place permanently, this flexibility adds convenience to pet safety.


Don't wait – invest in the safety and well-being of your furry friends in Wilmington, NC, and throughout New Hanover County.


Our estimates are fast and easy thanks to satellite mapping technologies. With the address of your home/pool we can measure and estimate all remotely! We can't wait to serve you for your Pool Safety Fence needs and help keep your littles' feet on solid ground.

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