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Pool Gate Installations in Wilmington & Hanover County, NC

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A pool gate is an essential component of the pool fence system because it’s an effective way to create a physical barrier that keeps kids on solid ground. At the same time, our pool gates are designed for effortless adult use, incorporating self-latching and self-closing mechanisms. This ensures that adults can easily access the pool area while preventing young children from entering.


Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for children ages 1-4. This astonishing statistic is a harsh reminder that pool safety should never be taken lightly. The good news is, we're dedicated to providing families with the tools and knowledge to create a haven of fun, not a danger zone.

Self-Closing, Self-Latching Pool Gates from Life Saver Pool Fence


Arched Pool Gates

Our arched pool gates have an elegant curved top that’s an elegant addition to your outdoor space. The high-quality, weather-resistant materials provide longevity and it’s maintenance-free.


The key feature includes an advanced locking system for added safety, which prevents unsupervised access by small children. In addition to its attractive design, our pool gates offer a user-friendly experience with a smooth and silent opening and closing mechanism. You'll never have to worry about forgetting to close the door behind you.

Square Pool Gates

Square Pool Gates offers a timeless and practical solution for managing access to your pool area. The square, flat design blends well with an assortment of architectural styles, providing a clean and classic look. Notable features include a user-friendly latch system for easy access control and reinforced hinges for long-lasting structural integrity.

The gate is framed on all four sides, with all components placed on a flat surface. The gate doesn’t have a bottom bar, which enhances child safety by featuring a latch positioned at a height that is impossible for them to reach and climb over. The pool gate utilizes a minimum of 33% more aluminum compared to other gates in the market. All of our pool gate options come standard with the following features:


  • Easy Removal using a locking plate that’s adjustable

  • More options with left or right-side entries

  • Proven and tested pool gate safety latch and closing system

  • Strongest 1-1/4″ heavy gauge aluminum

  • Attractive arch with full molding support

  • Most reliable full double-truss system

  • Key lockable Latching System


Additionally, this particular pool gate allows you to customize the gate to complement your outdoor decor. When you install a new square pool gate, you receive functionality, durability, and user convenience. More importantly, you’re ensuring the safety of small children and pets.

About Our Magna-Latch Latching System

Our pool gate features the innovative Magna-Latch Latching System, which offers a secure and reliable solution for pool access control. This self-closing and self-latching system is designed with child safety as a top priority.


The Ultra-Reliable Latching System provides an additional layer of protection. With a square frame that can support itself independently, the gate is versatile, allowing for removal or permanent anchoring based on your preference.


Tru-Close Hinges further enhance the gate's functionality, providing smooth and controlled closing. The square frame, constructed with 1¼” aluminum square stock and a robust 1/8” wall, ensures durability and stability.


Our pool gates come in a variety of finishes, including black, copper vein, brown, white, green, or tan, allowing you to personalize the appearance to suit your taste. You get the choice of black, brown, white, or green Textilene™ mesh.


To enhance your pool safety with our Magna-Latch gate, contact us today or call (910) 604-6698.

About Our Pool Gates for Residents in Wilmington, NC

Wilmington residents who are pool owners know how to enjoy the pool during the hot summer months. That's why our pool gates are designed with young children's safety in mind. Here's why Wilmington families choose our gates:


Unwavering Strength

  • 100 year warranty: We stand behind our quality with an industry-leading warranty.

  • Proven and tested by industry experts: Our gates meet and exceed the toughest safety standards.

  • Strongest in the industry: Four-sided framing for unmatched stability.


Convenience and Safety

  • Self-closing and latching: The pool gates shut automatically every time, for foolproof child safety.

  • Easy for adults, tough on toddlers: Designed to be opened by adults but remain inaccessible to young children.

  • Unclimbable mesh: Stops even the most determined child climbers including pets and wild animals.

  • Precise fit: Gates are custom-made to perfectly hug your pool area.


Built to Last


  • Unbreakable welds: Heavy-gauge aluminum construction withstands even the strongest North Carolina coastal winds.

  • Two design options: Choose from a classic or modern style to complement your pool.

  • Key lockable: Add an extra layer of security for peace of mind.
  • Removable by adults: Take the gate down for easy pool maintenance.


Family-Friendly Protection

  • Keeps pets safe: Your furry friends stay protected too.

  • Invest in peace of mind: Knowing your loved ones are safe is priceless.


With our pool gates, you can relax and enjoy your swimming pool knowing your small children and parts are protected.


Contact us today or call (910) 604-6698 for a free consultation and let us help you choose the perfect pool gate for your home.


Self-closing and self-locking gates stand out as the safest solution by effortlessly securing spaces. Their design ensures immediate closure, minimizing the risk of unauthorized access or accidents. Moreover, the incorporation of black mesh enhances safety by providing optimal visibility – it's paradoxically the most transparent option. This unique feature allows for clear observation while maintaining a robust barrier, making these gates an appealing choice for those prioritizing both security and visibility in their enclosed environments.

Why Self-Closing and Self-Locking Gates Are the Safest Solution

Self-closing and self-locking gates stand out as the safest solution for acting as a barrier that blocks small children and pets out of the pool area. The sleek design of black mesh enhances safety by providing optimal transparent visibility. This allows for clear observation of the pool area, unlike traditional pool gates.


FAQs About Our Pool Gates

Why Choose Our Self-Closing and Self-Latching Gates?


Our gates offer worry-free pool safety with automatic closure using magnets and clever hinges. It's the ultimate combo of convenience and security for your family.


Do You Offer a Warranty?


Yes, we offer a Lifetime Warranty on all of our pool fencing products.


How many gates should I install?


Most homes need just one gate, but two can be ideal depending on your pool's layout and access points. Got a deck on both sides? Two gates offer convenient access from either direction. We're happy to help analyze your pool area and recommend the optimal setup for maximum safety and convenience.


Where should I install your pool gate?


A pool gate should be installed at the main entry point to the pool area. This ensures proper control over access and allows for easy supervision of small children and pets.


Will a pool gate system enhance my home's resale value?


Certainly! A pool gate system not only elevates curb appeal but also increases your home's market value. Beyond aesthetics, having a pool gate in your backyard guarantees the safety of children, presenting a visually appealing and secure space for your guests.

Requesting A Virtual, Phone or In Person Estimate Is Easy

To request a FREE virtual or in-person estimate in the New Hanover County area, please contact us online or call (910) 604-6698. We are trained, certified Life Saver Pool Fence installers and pool safety experts, and we have lived in this community for many years.

Areas Served: We install pool gates in the following neighborhoods in Wilmington including the following areas:

  • Jacksonville, NC

  • Piney Green, NC

  • Myrtle Beach, SC

  • Lumberton, NC

  • Havelock, NC

  • Kinston, NC

  • New Bern, NC

  • Hope Mills, NC

  • Fayetteville, NC

  • Goldsboro, NC

About Wilmington, NC

Nestled in coastal North Carolina, the beautiful Wilmington, NC has a growing population of 117,643 (2021) residents. There are 58,694 housing units in Wilmington and 157,000 pools in the entire state. Notable landmarks include the historic Bellamy Mansion, the scenic Riverwalk, the USS North Carolina Battleship, the iconic Airlie Gardens, and the charming Thalian Hall.


Our estimates are fast and easy thanks to satellite mapping technologies. With the address of your home/pool we can measure and estimate all remotely! We can't wait to serve you for your Pool Safety Fence needs and help keep your littles' feet on solid ground.

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